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Microbubble Cleaning Technology

Microbubble Cleaning Technology

The Evolution of Skin Care

  • Veterinarian-Acclaimed
  • Decreases Odor
  • Minimize Itching
  • Reduces Skin Irritation
  • Helps with Skin Conditions, such as “Hot Spots”
  • Diminishes Deep Oils, Dirt and Old Soap Deposits
  • Cleans Inside the Pores and Hair Follicles
  • Improves Veterinary-Prescribed Therapies

Microbubbles come from the words micrometer and bubbles. The size of the bubbles that penetrate your dog’s skin are so tiny that they are measured in micrometers. Bubbles are what is formed from the machine to give your companion the ultimate luxury experience at Riverside grooming, while they are in the bathing stage of their groom. So we put the words together and it equals bubbles that are micrometers in size which we call Microbubbles. They help relieve your pet of anything that could be hiding or clogging up their pores, and stopping your dog’s skin from breathing naturally and being healthy as can be. For example a hair follicle is 70 micrometers in size, a microbubble is 3-20 micrometers in size. Do you see how the microbubbles penetrating the skin can help keep your pet squeaky clean? It can exfoliate on and around the hair follicles to break up the dirt and debris that might be keeping you canine from having the healthiest skin possible.

Microbubble technology is the newest state-of-the-art system that is provided by Riverside Grooming. The Microbubble system is the answer to eliminating harsh odors, sooth your pet’s skin from irritation and relieving dry itchy skin. There are no chemicals associated with the microbubble so it is 100% safe for your companion. If needed, only natural plant based enzymes are used to assist the microbubbles lifting the debris up from the animal’s skin and pores. Although we have several other treatments and luxurious shampoos, the microbubble system is an addition that can take your pet’s skin care to the next level. Microbubble eliminates the natural oils that can clog your dog’s skin pores and cause dry itchy skin, odors, or irritation that other techniques simply cannot address. If your pet’s skin condition is extremely sever, other than picking the animal up to place into the tub, there is little and gentle touch needed. This is critical for animals that have excessively inflamed skin. Reduced contact combined with deep cleaning ensure the healing process is as quick as possible.

Of course, it is quite safe and relaxing for dog’s without skin conditions. It can be so calming to your animal that they may even fall asleep. During the Microbubble Bath process there are no loud high-pressure nozzles involved, so it is a soothing calming experience. Perfect for pets who are afraid of water and do not like baths. The plant based enzymes along with our water softener system will leave your pet feeling like he or she has just experienced a spa-like paradise getaway.

These illustrations will demonstrate the tiny bubbles penetrating the pores and hair follicles. With the added Cleansing Powder, Sebum, Oils and Dirt cling to the bubbles and lift to the surface of the water.

Mink Sheen Shampoo

mink_sheenMinkSheen pet and dog shampoo is proclaimed to be one the best dog shampoos on the market. We can definitely agree. It is a gentle formula, a great coat conditioner and has odor control agents to ensure that your dog smells great! This wonderful shampoo soothes irritated skin and hot spots. It also protects your pet’s hair from sun damage and breakage.

It includes natural insect repellents as well as mink, citronella, eucalyptus, and cedar oils.

It is also an antibacterial shampoo that will ensure you are your dog are well taken care of.

5 Reasons For Year-Round Grooming

The importance of a routinely grooming your pet, during the winter and throughout the year.

One would think that dog grooming is most essential during the summer, but that is far from the truth! One would also think that dog grooming is mostly aimed at the appearance of a dog but that is false as well. Dog Grooming is very important all throughout the year. It is also very important for a pet’s health. Maintaining a doggy’s coat, eyes, ears, nails, teeth and more are a huge part of keeping your pup comfortable at all times of the year. Riverside Mobile Pet Grooming is proud to provide regular grooming to ensure that your best buddy is Happy and Healthy!

  1. During the winter you would probably like to keep your pup’s hair long to keep him/her “warm” during the cold season. While it is a good idea to keep extra coat to keep your dog a little warmer, it also needs extra care. When your canine’s coat grows out and is not routinely brushed and combed thoroughly, your dog’s coat can develop mats. Mats are tangles on dogs that will actually pull their skin if left unattended to. Bathing at home with mats left in coats can even be more damaging and could cause bruising and great discomfort if one does not know how to prep the coat before bathing. Best practice is to take your hound into getting brushed and bathed by a trained technician who can definitely use proper techniques, preventing mats from forming.
  2. Other issues your pooch may run into are insects, dirt, and germs. We all have a fear of finding a flea or tick on your lovely pet. Even worse if your pup has an infestation. Having a family dog, that interacts with kids and company, it is important that they are insect and germ-free. Taking your hound into your groomer will ensure that they are flea and tick free and their overall health is in tip-top shape.
  3. Eyes and ears of a pet are just as important as the coat and skin. Keeping your hound’s eyes and ears clean also makes for a pleasant happy dog. If your pooch’s eyes are congested with overgrown hair or debris, it will cause his/her eyes to tear up and create more debris. Even causing those ugly tear stains that we don’t like. If ears are full of extra hair that causes the ears to become congested and may lead to painful ears. Those things do not make for a healthy dog. If a dog’s ears become itchy, that may cause scratching or rubbing the ears against the ground, which is a sign of irritation. We all want our canine’s to feel their best so we want to take care of their eyes and ears throughout all times of the year.
  4. Keeping your pup’s nails trimmed is very important as well. When a dog’s nails are too long it can cause their pads to shift over and can be uncomfortable for them to stand. It can even cause a dog’s skeletal structure to be altered. At times to the point that may cause serious health issues. The nervous system can be affected causing organs to be compromised. Their dewclaws may grow into the skin as well, causing pain and infection. Keeping your pooch’s nails maintained is a great part of keeping them healthy and happy.
  5. Doggy Dental care is similar to keeping up on a dog’s nails. More active outside dog’s that run through nature are more likely to have more well, maintained nails. That goes the same for teeth. Outside dogs can chew on natural things like bark. This keeps their teeth nice and clean, as an inside dog doesn’t have that luxury. Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy are essential. Not keeping up on your pet’s dental health can lead to gum disease and serious health problems. Groomers can offer teeth brushing which, if done on a regular basis, can make a big difference in keeping a pet’s breath smelling fresh.

A routine schedule with Riverside Mobile Pet Grooming can make for a pretty dog, of course! But the most important reason to get your pup regularly groomed is for their health. Your baby looking great as they leave is the ultimate bonus! They may notice things on your pet that you had no idea about and bring them to your attention. Your dog Groomer will carefully, and thoroughly examine your pet searching for any possibility that your dog may be uncomfortable in any way or have an issue that would be best checked by a veterinarian. Groomers strive to send your pet home feeling, looking and smelling great. They want your pet to feel as healthy as can be. Another great benefit to getting your lovely dog groomed on a regular basis.

Pet Pics with Santa



Ready to get your Santa Pet Pictures done for 2015?

Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption is offering Pet Pics with Santa for a simple donation of $20.

And while you’re there you can enter a raffle. All proceeds benefit pets residing at the Pet Adoption Center the cats, dogs, puppies and kittens waiting to be invited into forever home this holiday season.

Perfect timing! Great price!


December 4th from 2pm – 5pm
December 5th 10am-12pm & 2pm-5pm


Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center
6165 Industrial Avenue Riverside, CA 92504
(951) 688-4340

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